Mar 02, 2023

Aculys Pharma joins the Sleep Services Consortium of Japan

As a venture to establish a new pharmaceutical model,supports the efforts to address sleep issues across industry boundaries.

Tokyo, Japan, March2, 2023 — Aculys Pharma, Inc. (“Aculys”), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on commercializing innovative treatments for neurological conditions announced today that it joined the Sleep Services Consortium. The Consortium is Japan’s organization bringing together sleep-related businesses, government, and academia. With the Sleep Services Consortium, Aculys plans to provide knowledge and research results in sleep disorders to advance the field.

The Sleep Services Consortium was established in February 2020 with the aim of realising a society in which consumers can safely and securely enjoy appropriate sleep services. The group has conducted a wide range of awareness-raising activities, including studies on the issues and future direction of the sleep-related industry, the ideal way to provide information, and the formulation of service guidelines.

Aiming for a new pharmaceutical model, Aculys Pharma aims to go beyond pharmaceuticals to solve social issues related to sleep under the concept of Beyond-the-Pill. Therefore, we have decided to participate in this initiative because we agree with the aims and principles of an organization that works to improve the quality of sleep across industry boundaries.

Sleep Services Consortium Business description

  1. Research, study, provision of information on sleep and sleep services.
  2. Preparation, provision of information on guidelines, etc., relating to sleep and sleep services.
  3. Investigation, research, development and support for quality improvement and performance evaluation of sleep and sleep services.
  4. Promotion of quality labelling of sleep and sleep services and issuing of mark labels, etc.
  5. Establishment and operation of electronic media such as websites, places for exchange and seminars for the provision of information, and editing and publication of journals and other publications.
  6. Exchange of information and activities for coordination and cooperation with related organizations, relevant ministries and agencies, local authorities, etc.
  7. Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association.

About Sleep Disorders* in Japan

The impact of sleep-related disorders on Japanese society is enormous. Research shows that presenteeism (decreased productivity at work due to health issues) and absenteeism (absence or sick leave due to health issues) is causing an economic loss of about 3% of Japanese GDP, equivalent to about 15 trillion yen1. Japanese people also sleep less than people in other countries due to lack of understanding about the importance of sleep. The Japanese government’s “National Health Promotion Movement in the Twenty-First Century (Health Japan 21)” includes sleep as one of the key themes in attempting to raise awareness2-3.

Sleep disorders are also factors that interfere with proper sleep and daytime sleepiness. It has been reported that delays in appropriate medical intervention for sleep disorders and complications associated with sleep disorders (e.g., cardiovascular diseases, depression) increase overall costs to society including medical care expenditure4-7. In order to improve the patient’s quality of life, prognosis, productivity, and other factors, it is necessary to detect sleep disorders accurately and provide appropriate medical care at an early stage.

*General term for sleep-related illnesses, including insomnia, sleep-related breathing disorders (e.g., OSAS), and central hypersomnia (e.g., narcolepsy)

About the Sleep Services Consortium

The cross-sectional organization in the sleep industry was established in 2020. The Consortium conducts and disseminates research on information related to sleep and sleep services in Japan; prepares sleep-related guidelines; supports quality evaluation and promotes quality labeling; and facilitates the exchange of information between organizations, government agencies, and others.

Organization: “Sleep Services Consortium
Location: 1-16-3 Yokogawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Chairman: Takanori Kobayashi
Establishment date: February 2020

About Aculys Pharma, Inc.

Aculys Pharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization of neurology innovations for patients in Japan. Aculys was formed in 2021 as a catalyst to neurology innovation access. We are committed to shortening the drug lag in Japan by developing and commercializing novel CNS treatments; applying blockchain and AI technologies to increase speed to market; and providing services to improve medical care for patients, their families, healthcare professionals, and society.

Company name: Aculys Pharma, Inc.
Location: The ARGYLE Aoyama, 2-14-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Tsunaba Kazunari
Establishment date: January 2021

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